Saturday, November 22, 2008

10K in the Morning

That's right, the Lincolnwood Turkey Trot is at 8:45 on Sunday morning. My expectations are not too high for the race. I am just going to go out and run. If I can beat the time I posted at the Windrunner 10K in August, that would be great. But, I really don't know where I am at physically and have only been running about 25 miles per week the past 5-6 weeks. I was able to get three tempo miles in the middle of a 5 miler last weekend at a 6:40 clip. We'll see what tomorrow will bring. I do have some new shoes for to wear. Here they are:

That is the the Nike Lunarlite Racer. I am not what most would call an incredibly biomechanically efficient runner, so these shoes may be a slight stretch for me. I am a slight over-pronator. These things weigh under 6 ounces and don't offer much in terms of support. I did use to run in some Nike Frees. Those even feel like bricks compared to these things.

I'll post a 10K race recap tomorrow or Monday. Tomorrow looks to be pretty busy after the race. Lastly, here's a video that I find hilarious. It's pretty bizzare, twisted and perverted. If this offends you in any way, I apologize. You have been warned.

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