Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slicing it up Differently

I was looking at my Garmin training log earlier today. Several weeks ago, I had mentioned I was using both Garmin Training Center and SportTracks to log my running. My running week has always been Monday-Sunday, so I lean on SportTracks to give me my weekly mileage. Garmin goes Sunday-Saturday, so there are some differences between the two.

Here's my point: according to my Garmin log, the last three weeks have been seen totals of 29.24, 34.27 and 37.28. me anyway. It does make me feel a little better to see that 37 mile week in there as opposed to the 28 I put up. Unfortunately, I don't think it's the wisest move to be going back and forth when it's convenient for me when my running ego needs a boost. I'll stick with traditional Monday- Sunday week and know that I am inching closer to getting back up to 40 miles in a seven day stretch.

I have 15 miles in the books for the week entering today. If I can get 15-20 in before Sunday, I'll be feeling good entering April. I am currently sitting at 116 miles for March, so I'll be shooting to top 150 miles for the first time since September. Baby steps.

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