Monday, September 7, 2009

Spirit of 75.5

The peak week of training is in the books as is the worst pun for a title of a blog post yet. 75.5 miles last week, a new career high. A scheduling shift also had me run 12 day in a row, also the longest in my career. Here's what this past week looked like:

M-7.3 @9:20pace, 133AHR
T- 7.3 @8:59, 132AHR; 5.1 @9:19, 126AHR
W- 14.85@8:13, 149AHR
R- 10.4 w/6x1000 repeats @5:52 pace
F- 8@8:33, 147AHR; 4@9:36 ,132AHR (with jogging stroller)
Sa- 18.5 total. First 13.5@8:27, 143AHR. Last 5 @ 7:11, 170AHR

I am feeling pretty good overall. I took it easy early in the week following the 10K from last Sunday. It took a couple days to get my legs back under me, but was able to finish the week strong. I was contemplating ditching the GMP miles at the end of Saturday's Long Run, but I figured simulating race pace on a tired set of legs on a long run is about the best practice you can get. I think I can bounce back from the 5 miles easily, which is important considering I have the Chicago Half Marathon this upcoming weekend.

I've lost at least 14 pounds since training started in June. Two weeks ago (the lats time I stepped on a scale), I was 1 pound under my race day goal of 165. I am not sure how far my weight will drop, but I definitely will have to watch what I am eating the last two weeks leading up to the marathon. I feel like I am eating constantly but the weight keeps coming off. I guess that's one of the benefits of averaging 62 miles a week over the past 13 weeks.

I am not really going to taper for the Half. Here's what I have scheduled this week:

M- 7 Recovery (done)
T- 8-10 Miles, with 3-4 400m repeats@5K pace
W- 14 MLR
R- 8-10 GA
F- 6 Recovery
Sa- 3 Recovery w/ a few strides thrown in
Su- Chicago Half Marathon with a couple warm up and cool down miles
Total- 60-67 miles

As was the case for the 10K two weeks ago, I am looking to have a significant PR in the half. My goal is to run it in 1:30, which would make me feel really good about my attempt at a 3:10 for the marathon. My previous best half was last year, when I ran a 1:38:34. So we could be looking at an 8 minute PR or so.

The half is also a good opportunity to practice some other things like drinking on the run, running in some congested areas and most importantly, trying to pace consistently. I'd like to run the first 10 miles at a 6:50-6:55 pace. If I am feeling good when I hit the 10 mile mark, I'll crank it up and see if I can bring home the bacon with some 6:30s. I'll be sure to a race report up here as soon as I can after the race.


Puerto Rican Kenyan said...

Of course you are going to score a HUGE PR on Sunday--I'm really curious to see how things go for you!

Meanwhile, it's interesting to see that you have about the same mileage planned for the current as I do. And as I look at your schedule for the week, it's actually very similar to yours.

Finally, pacing should be an easier task for us this weekend, especially early in the race, as we won't have the tall buildings screwing up our Garmin readings the way they do in the Loop.

Mir said...

Very nice week! I'm excited for you--looks like an awesome PR is in store. Good luck this weekend!

ExSoccerGuy said...

You are in The Zone right now, Zab, and it's awesome to behold from afar. I'd consider making Thursday's run a recovery double, really easy. You want to cap off the "practice races" with a solid HM, and I have no doubt that you are well-below sub-1:30 shape. The only thing standing between you and a BQ is YOU; you show up to the Chicago starting line healthy and brimming with confidence, and sub-3:10 is GUARANTEED.

And, since I almost always agree with you, chalk up one more point of mutual assent: that is a pretty bad post title (but I like it). ;-)

Greg said...

Zab... Some sick training as usual. I like your plan for Sunday. I think you will come in well below 1:30...damn, only 4 weeks till the big day.