Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost Here

Before I get into my normal weekly recap of sorts, I'd like to go off topic. I'd really like to thank everyone for the continued support of Running for Cru. Whether it has been through supporting the fundraising effort or visiting this blog regularly, I truly appreciate all of the support and kind words that have been sent in this direction.

With that being said, every once in a while something happens in life when I think you have take a step back and realize that life is a precious thing. Too often, we get into a routine and sort of take life for granted. If you have been reading this blog since its inception, you'll know that I am a believer in getting off of your ass and taking the bull by the horns. Go attempt the goals that you are afraid to make. And that can be related to anything in life from your career to your living situation to losing weight. Or running a marathon. Just go for it. You owe it to yourself to make the most of life. You don't have to dig too deep on this blog to realize that life can be all too short. Too many terrible things happen to good people. Live it up while you can and try to make every day filled with as many laughs and smiles as possible. Being pissed off and angry is no way to live. If there's one thing you take from this blog, please let it be this: make the most of life.

As I sit here on Monday night, we're 6 days away from the marathon. It's pretty hard to believe it's almost here. And wouldn't you know it (and I am knocking on wood right now), Mother Nature appears to finally be giving me and 40,000 of my closest friends some great running weather for a Chicago Marathon. I think the forecast right now appears to similar to that of 2006. It's looking like mid-40s right now with a very minimal chance of precipitation. There are a couple guys on the Chicago Marathon thread on Runner's World who are getting me more information than Tom Skilling ever has.

I finished up with a 17 week low of 43.6 miles last week as the taper was in full effect. My legs are starting to feel pretty fresh and I have a very easy week of running this week leading up to Sunday. The one weird thing about the taper is that you will have some strange minor aches and pains. It's pretty crazy because you can't help but be pretty paranoid about getting healthy and you'll wake up one day with a sore knee or a tight hamstring. It may not have bothered you at all for the entire training cycle, but these things pop up and then go away pretty unceremoniously.

The remainder of the week, I'll continue with my pre-race preparations. I have selected my shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. I am still deciding on gloves, hat or cap and possibly some arm warmers. I made some custom arm warmers out of an old pair of white tube socks on my 13 miler this past Sunday. They worked pretty well. I just have to decide if I want to wear some on Sunday. If so, do I want to buy a real pair or make another custom pair that I wouldn't feel bad about tossing at some point in the race?

As I mentioned last week, I'll try to check in a couple more times this week before Sunday. I'll be sure to include a picture of the race shirt after it's completed. Thanks for reading.


the tif said...

pk - I'm so proud of you for your amazing training this year. You are the true representation of "inspiration". Isla and I are ready for Sunday...and our first trip to Boston! xoxo

saucony said...

Nice post! Keep it up. Looking forward for more posts from you. Its worth-reading for. :)