Monday, February 9, 2009


I have added "Followers" to the sidebar. I don't think it was an option when I first started this back in June or July. Feel free to join.

I was able to kind of get back in the swing of things this past week. I am going back and forth between using Garmin Training Center and SportTracks to keep track of my runs. I have just figured out how to upload from the Garmin to the Training Center successfully in a timely fashion. I hate the fact the TC's week goes from Sunday to Saturday. But I do like seeing avg heart rate by mile and max heart rate without having to dig at all. Maybe I'll keep doing them both. So, depending on which format I use, I either ran 21 or 24 miles last week. I'll try to get in the 25-30 range this week and tack on a few every week. I'd like to consistently be back in the 40-50 range by May and be ready to go in June when training will officially start.

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