Monday, February 2, 2009

In It to Win It

You know it. I registered for the 2009 Chicago Marathon today. I will be running my 6th Chicago Marathon and 8th overall. I am excited and nervous already. I know, it's in October. I feel like I had so much momentum coming out of the '08 Chicago Marathon. Then I ran a 2 minute PR in a 10K in November. Unfortunately, I feel like I have given it all away and will be starting from close to scratch. I had been able to average over 20 miles per week since from October until last week. I wasn't able to get any miles in. So, I basically took a week off and got 7 in on Sunday, so I am off to a decent start this week. Right now, I have to make the decision between getting in a few extra hours of sleep or running, so it's a little tough. I'll try to piece-meal some miles together for the next two weeks to three weeks and then try to get going a little more.

I'm starting to read the new edition of Advanced Marathoning and will pick a plan from there to train for October. I'll most likely have to start building my base very soon and ramping up my miles so I'll be ready to go when the first cycle of training starts. The countdown's on.

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Morrissey said...

good luck in chicago!