Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 1 Schedule

Normally, I'll post the upcoming week's schedule on Sundays or Mondays. In the Pete Pfitzinger 18 week/70 mile plan I am using, Monday is normally the scheduled Rest/Cross train day. I will move it around from time to time and felt like doing so this first week, coming off of an 8 and 14 miler over the weekend. Here is what this week was scheduled to look like:

Mon- Rest/XT
Tues- Lactate Threshold Run - 9 Miles, with 4 at 6:53 pace
Wed- 11 Miles Medium Long Run
Thurs - 5 Miles Recovery
Friday- 9 Miles General Aerobic
Saturday - 5 Miles Recovery
Sunday- 15 Mile Medium Long Run
54 Miles total

I know I have some readers who are runners and some who aren't, so I'll try to explain or link some things when necessary. If you aren't familiar with some terminology and wish to learn more, let me know. You'll see most of these terms regularly throughout the 18 week training cycle. Each run has will have a specific pace and/or heart rate to target, so I will add the results in the end of the week recap.

Here's what's in the books so far:
Monday-5.2 Miles @ 9:34 pace, 127 AHR (Average Heart Rate)
Tuesday-9 Miles, 4LT miles @6:50 pace, 176 AHR for those four miles
Wednesday- 11 Miles, 8:10 pace, 150 AHR

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