Thursday, June 26, 2008

Short and Fast

Typically, the Wednesday run throughout training will be a short run that features some speed or tempo. Yesterday's run was a quick 5 miler that included 2 miles @ 6:57/mi pace. There's a nice track just under a mile away from my house. I'll do a good chunk of my speedwork there.

The run was a little tough, but I was actually able to run pretty consistent 400s at 1:42-1:45. I was pretty pleased overall. My biggest issue was that people were coming on the track and getting in my way. There were actually little kids running and peddling around like maniacs on and off the track. I understand these kids don't really know any better, but do they have parents? That and the ice cream vendor decided to set up shop in the inside lane somewhere around a mile and a half of my two hard miles. I know I am not a world class runner, but is it too much to ask to leave actual track to the runners? There's plenty of space both inside and outside of the track. Who knows, maybe I'm the idiot for thinking the track is for runners.

As the weeks go on, those two miles will get stretched out to as many as eight, with the pace right around 7 minutes or so. I have a six mile run on tap for Friday at the same 8:31 pace from earlier in the week.

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