Saturday, October 10, 2009

One Goal, One Plan

It's time. In 11 hours or so, I'll be well on my way to my 8th marathon and first attempt to really get after it. I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me in any way over the past year and a half since the inception of Running for Cru. Your kind words, support and well wishes are incredibly appreciated.

The 3:10 Boston pipe dream was born back in April or May and it's been a fun and challenging journey to get to this day. As I have said many times in the past, the beauty and awfulness of the marathon is that 16 or 18 weeks (or the better part of a year, in some cases) comes down to one day. I feel like I have done everything I can to be able to hit that 3:10. The weather is looking awesome for tomorrow although not so much for my faithful followers - Tiffany you really are the best and I appreciate everything that you do. The challenge of toting around an 8 month old in 40 degree weather to four different places across 26.2 miles deserves a medal in itself.

So, I mentioned it before but there's one goal for this race - a 3:10. There's no "B" goal, no "C" goal, just a 3:10 and the BQ. No excuses will be acceptable. I have put in the work and it's my time to step up and get this thing done.

Here's the plan, and it appears as if I'll have a couple guys from RWOL running with me.
Miles 1 and 2 : 7:15's - if it's a little slower, that's fine too.
Miles 3-20: 7:10's - that puts us at the Half at 1:34
At 20, we'll reassess (individually) and see what we have left. We'll decide if we keep running 7:10's or pick up the pace to 7:05's or 7:00's. Worse case scenario, there's a 2 minute and 59 second cushion in case the last 10K gets a little rough. I'll do my best to make sure I don't need it.

That's it. Talk to all of you later.


ExSoccerGuy said...

It's in. The. Bag.

Great pacing strategy. See you on or about April 19, 2010.


the tif said...

pk- I'll try to keep my nerves in check as I anticipate seeing you along the way. I think Isla's smiling face will be good for both of us! You know I'd be there regardless of temp or babies to tote. I booked our trip to Boston earlier. Love you so much!

Mark Matula said...

You CRUSHED it! You were the first runner I checked on after I finished (PR by 10 minutes to sub-4 - go me!). Very happy for you. Rest well, you've earned it.

marmot said...

This one is very nice! I learned a lot while reading it! Nice one! More power to you, have a happy run always.