Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fork, Anyone?

Well, the Cubs appear to be on the verge of going down 0-2 on the heels of another Manny Ramirez moonshot. If they go down 0-2, consider them down 0-3. These guys were swept last year and barring a miracle, should be known as any or all of the following:
  • Choke artists
  • Not-ready for prime-time players
  • Just plain bad

Nothing like your starting pitching blowing up on you in Game 1. Then your defense blows up on you in game two. How's that old saying go - pitching and defense wins championships? Bad sign if that saying is true and you are a Cub or Cub fan. Disgusting. Good thing Hendry gave Fukodome a four year deal for over 40 million bucks. Most of the deals Hendry has given out over the past three years are back-loaded. The payroll goes up, the talent gets old and the fans end up wondering what could have and should have been. I can't wait to see a 38 year-old Adolpho Soriano (thank you Dick Stockton) patrolling left field in 2014.

I ran 6 miles at an 8:20 on Tuesday and a quick 5 miler yesterday at a 7:56. The gastroc is feeling better every day. Not quite 100%, but I am hopeful that it will be by next Sunday. If it's not, it should be pretty close. I have a 8 miler on Friday as well as some therapy. I then may stretch it out a little bit on Sunday. After running so many miles over the past 14 weeks or so, it's easy to get antsy when the taper is in full gear.

I am going to give you some recaps of the previous marathons over the next few days. Here's what you have to look forward to:
2004 - Chicago
2005 - Green Bay, Chicago, Las Vegas
2006 - Chicago
2007 - Chicago

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