Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bobby Knight Says Have a Good Wednesdey Night

Bob Knight really has nothing to do with this, but you can't help but notice his pronunciation whenever he says a day of the week. The "a" in day magically becomes an "e" and Monday becomes Mondey. Next time you get a chance, listen to Bob say the days of the week. Who knows when that will be, but make a mental note of it. Maybe commenter Yasso or one of the anonymous commenters can dig up some good youtube of Bob Knight. Here's the best I can do. Check out "Wednesdey Night" around the 49 second mark. Go Mizzou, by the way.

This week is shaping up to be a bit different than planned. I ran the 7 mile run on Tuesday at an 8:17 pace on a goal of 8:20. This morning, I ran half of the 8 mile run. I will run the other half (4 miles) on Thursday. Then , on Friday I will run 10 miles with 8 of them in the 7:10-7:20 range. So it will be four days in a row, but the reduced mileage this week should make it manageable. Then we'll complete the week with the 10K on Sunday.

I am feeling a bit fatigued this week. I seem to be a little more tired than I have been and my legs don't have much spring to them. One factor is that I had four weeks in a row of increasing mileage. The last four weeks (in miles) looked like this: 39-42-45-47. In most plans, runners have three weeks of increased mileage and then reduce miles in week 4. I have followed that theory in most every training session. So, I think the four week increase probably has something to do with the fatigue. Throw in the 20 miler on Sunday and the Yasso's on Friday night and you could probably come to the conclusion that it makes sense to be a little tired right now.

I'll run an easy 4 on Thursday and make the call on Friday on how many hard miles I want to do. I will be running all out at the 10K on Sunday. My previous Windrunner 10Ks were 44:41 (7:12/mi pace) in 2005 and 44:26 (7:09/mi pace) in 2006. I'd like to crack the 7:00 mark this year, which would be a 43:30. In '06, I came down with a wicked cramp or side stitch at about mile 4. I struggled through the last 2.2 miles or so and was still able to beat my time from the previous year. I am looking forward to getting back out there this year and beating the 7:00/mile pace.

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Matt Rauls said...

Hi Paul. Based on your recent yassos, the times of some of your medium distance runs, and your overall fitness base you might want to think about trying to run that 10k at a 6:30 pace -- I think you are way underestimating your abilities and are definitely capable of it based on everything I have been reading here.