Sunday, August 17, 2008

Halfway Home

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I'll try to catch up this week. I have a a few idea that I may trot this week as well. Just a couple things to break up some of the "I ran this fast this week" kind of pattern I have fallen into.

Most importantly, today was the completion of the first half of marathon training. That's right, eight weeks down, eight to go. The next five weeks are the last push before the three week tapering up until the marathon. As I mentioned before, I have a few races coming up pretty soon. This coming Sunday, I am running the Windrunner 10K in the western 'burbs.

How about some results from the week?
Wednesday: 9 Miles @ 8:04 (goal of 8:25)
Friday: Yasso 800s (goal of 3:20)
#1- 3:14
#2- 3:14
#3- 3:13
#4- 3:13
#5- 3:15
#6- 3:13
#7- 3:12
#8- 3:15
#9- 3:14
#10- 2:56
Average: 3:12

Sunday: 20 miles @ 8:24 (goal of 8:20)

Wednesday's run went pretty well, especially considering it was the second of two back-to-back nine milers.
Friday night's Yasso's went very well. They went much better than last time. The goal was a 3:20, but I came in with a 3:12. It seemed to be a little easier than the first time and it seemed like the right speed for me to run.
Sunday's 20 Miler was not the best run I have had lately. I had an abnormal 20 mile course and had a crowded lake path to deal with because of the air and water show. I also didn't get as much sleep as I probably should have which also resulted in me getting out later than I would have preferred. So, all thing considered, an 8:24 is fine. Because my course was not my usual 20 mile route, I didn't really know exactly where my miler markers were. This also led me to not being able to accurately run the last five miles hard. I kind of lost track of where I was supposed to be when, so I just tried to come in around 8:20 to 8:25.
The week ahead is a reduced mileage week.
Tuesday: 8 Miles @ 8:20
Wednesday: 7 Miles @ 8:20
Friday: 10 Miles, 8 @ 7:15
Sunday: Windrunner 10K - I will talk about my goal for this race later in the week. I also my swap the Wednesday and Friday run so I can be fully rested for the 10K on Sunday.

Have a good week!

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