Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just thought I'd drop in with a quick update on the aftermath of the 10K on Sunday. I had my first run today since the race. My legs were very sore yesterday and today, particularly my thighs. Not my quads so much, but the surrounding muscles. I thought I was supposed to run 10 miles today and 11 tomorrow. Well, it was supposed to be the other way around, but it's no big deal. I ran 10 this morning and will do 11 on Wednesday.

I came in at a 7:59 pace over the 10 miles. I was very surprised. I figured I'd be lucky to hit the 8:15 goal and it would be a struggle. It felt pretty good despite the heavy legs. I think the cooler weather probably helped. Tomorrow should be pretty interesting as I have 11 miles coming on the heels of today's 10 miler with sore legs. Sounds like fun.

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