Saturday, September 20, 2008

Music, Please

I'm just about complete with the toughest training week of the year and my Ipod is still on the fritz. The uncooked rice bath didn't help. Rather than go into what else I have tried since then, I will tell you that I have ordered a new battery. I'm hoping that replacing the battery currently in my Ipod will do the trick, but I'm getting pretty close to giving up on this beast.

Luckily, the brick is still functioning, although not without a few hiccups. I have had to reset it a few times over the past few days during my runs. I think the 4th generation Ipods hard drives are much more unstable and the constant jostling it endures while running causes it to lock up with regularity. The improved 5th generation Ipod was seemingly fixed to nullify that issue. Maybe they can work on waterproofing the next one.

Anyway, for the past few years, I have opened up the playlist for the marathon to my friends and family. I am doing the same thing this year. Here's how it works:

I take suggestions of songs from you. These songs can either be songs you really like, songs that inspire you, songs you workout or run to, songs that pump you up or any song you think would be a good song to run to. I will then check out the song and if I feel it can be one of the 50 or so songs that end up being on the marathon playlist, I will send you a CD of about 20 songs that were on the October 12th playlist. If I don't use your song, don't be offended. The marathon playlist is like a puzzle that has to be put together. Sometimes good songs don't fit and many songs get tossed out. I should also add that "Run" or Running" in the song's title is not a prerequisite. So "Born to Run" (Springsteen) and "Running Down a Dream" (Petty) are fine songs, but they will never make the playlist.

Here are just some past examples of suggested songs:
Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
SexyBack- JTimberlake
The Fly, Yahweh - U2
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
The Stubborn Horse - Mahjongg
Go Cubs Go - Steve Goodman
On the Road Again - Willie Nelson
Look up to the Sky - The Indians
Porch - Pearl Jam
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

Some were used and some were not. Send your requests to me at or post the in the comments below any post over the next couple weeks. I am hoping to have the playlist finalized by October 10th.

Here's a link to an Irish drinking song that Eddie Vedder recently turned into a song about the Cubs. It's catchy and makes you want to pick up a mug of beer and drink with Ed as he rambles through the verses while you wait for a couple chances to yell "Yeah" with him. If you haven't heard it a million times yet, prepare yourself. It will be around for as long as the Cubs are in the playoffs.


Thursday's run was seven miles. I ran the first half at an 8:00 minute pace. Somewhere in the second half of the run, I bumped into the older gentleman that I see on the path pretty regularly. He stopped me and asked if I was runnning the marathon. I ended up covering a couple miles with Bill and shot the breeze about running and the neighborhood. Bill is a really nice guy and is a vetrean of running some of the many races in the Chicago area. So, Bill's pace was probably about 9:00/mile, but it wasn't the worst thing as my hammy and knee were still bothering me.

Yesterday's run was supposed to be 11 miles with 6 miles at a 7:04 pace. I changed it up a little bit. I ran a couple warm up miles and pounded out three at a 7:02 pace. I backed off the next mile and picked up the pace for the next two miles. I ran those two at a 7:05. I took it easy for mile 9 and then ran a 7:13 10th mile. I closed out the 11 mile run with an easy mile.

The right hamstring became less of a problem as the week went on. It's still an issue, but I think it will be fine as I start tapering. The right knee didn't seem to get better or worse, I guess that's not all bad. I can definitely feel it when I run...sometimes more than others. It's more a a nagging pain than a shooting or sharp pain. I am hoping the reduction in miles that starts next week will give it the necessary recovery time.

The last 20 miler is tomorrow. Wish me the best and hope that my right leg comes out of it no worse for the wear.

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Anonymous said...

The song you absolutely MUST have playing in your ear is Tina Turner's "Simply The Best". It is who YOU are, and is very motivational, I think. Listen to the words and you will know why I chose this for you. Since I cannot be there to cheer you on personally, I would love to know that she is singing to you from me.