Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Beer, for one. The Brewers choking in September is soon to be next on the list. I am going to the Cubs-Brewers game tonight to see if the Cubs can cut the magic number down to 2. "What Made Milwaukee Famous" is actually the name of a pretty good, not very well known band. Check them out if you like indie-ish music.

Here what's going on in the peak week of training. There's some good news and some bad news. More bad than good really. The ole' tight right hamstring from the half marathon on Sunday is much worse now than it was during the race. The rest of the legs have mostly usual soreness, although my right knee it a little more sore than usual. Also, my blister issue from the half took a slight turn for the worse. On Monday, I woke up and the two blisters that I had popped the night before were fine. Unfortunately I didn't notice that there was one under the toenail of the second toe on my right foot. In my past experiences, that basically means that nail doesn't have a chance. Through the years, I have lost several toenails because of running. I didn't have any issues with the second toe until the marathon last year because my feet were wet. And now it pops up again because of the aquathon.

So, I popped it to relieve the pressure. Last night, I cut the nail down as far as possible. When it doesn't hurt at all, you know there's not much life left in it. Maybe I'll put up a picture of it in a couple days. Between the hammy, the knee, and the toe, this is all good stuff just in time for the 54 mile peak week.

So, I altered the running schedule this week to fit in the Cubs game and try to lessen the pounding on the legs. I ran 10 last night at just over an 8:00 pace. I was able to get through a slightly unpleasant, not as fast 6 miles this morning. The good news was that the shoes from the half were finally dry so I could wear them this morning, altough they certainly smelled better on Saturday.

That leaves me with 38 miles remaining for the week. I still have 20 down for Sunday and 11 (tempo) down for Friday. That leaves me with 7 for Thursday night. I'll probably do Friday's run in the afternoon/evening as well. Then Sunday's 20 miler will act as a dress rehearsal for the marathon. I will eat a similar dinner to the one I will eat on October 11th, wake up at the same time, eat the same food I plan to eat on the morning of October 12th, consume the same gels, and probably wear the same clothes including my race shoes that currently have just 43 miles on them.

I really don't want to miss any mileage this week and am hoping that not running again until tomorrow evening (and only running 7 miles) will help. We'll see though. October 12th is much more important than any run this week, so there's kind of a delicate balance of staying healthy and getting miles in.

In other news, my Ipod is sitting in a bowl of rice trying to dry out. Don't ask me, I read it somewhere that it helps dry out Ipods that have water issues. Keep your fingers crossed. Right now I am using the old brick that I updated yesterday. Here's what this relic looks like:

Thanks for the comments and video after the "Aquathon" post. As far as my nipples, I could have gone Sampras on you.

Here are few other pics, courtesy of from the half:

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