Sunday, July 20, 2008

No Sugar Tonight

Long time no talk. Sorry for the lack of updates. Let's jump right in with post #1.

As commenter yasso800 mentioned after the last post, Mother Nature usually wins. Wins what, you ask? Wins everything. Mother nature briefly won again this weekend. I pushed back my Friday run to Saturday after witnessing a wicked downpour early Friday evening. Well, I awoke to much of the same on Saturday morning.
I set the alarm for 7 A.M. and finally ended up hitting the road by about 11:00 A.M. Where's Andy Avalos when you need him? I ended up running about 6 of the 8 miles in a very steady drizzle, fo' shizzle. (I am not sure I have ever said that in my life. Hopefully I can get away with typing it.) Running in the rain isn't too bad, really. As long as your shoes don't get too sloshy,
there's really nothing wrong with it. One thing to pay extra special attention to is your, um, nipples. Wet fabric on nipples can lead to chaffed or possibly even bloody nipples. Good times. I ran the 8 miles at an 8:06 pace. It was a pretty comfortable run, so I was very pleased with the results despite the inclement conditions.

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