Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Running with Richard, Awesome Anonymity

Hope you all are enjoying the 90 degree weather in Chicago today. For those of you not in Chicago, we're slated for a few 90 degree-plus days in row here with some wicked humidity. It sure was fantastic pounding out 8 miles in it. Actually, my run went really well today. I broke in the new shoes and came in at a pretty solid 8:08 clip. It felt pretty effortless despite the heat. Maybe it was because Richard Simmons ran with me today. I kid, I kid. Nothing wrong with a little sweatin'. He is welcome anytime, as are all of you. I have had some guest runners in the past that have included my wife Tiffany, "Big Jer" Jeremiah Worth and Justin Murphy. Let me know if any of you are ever interested in joining me.
Sometime near the end of the week or during the weekend, I'll share some interesting facts on the people who visit the site. I have some an analytic team working behind the scenes who are keeping track of your every visit. Again, I'm joking. I do have some details like where people live who visit the site, how many unique visitors and all sorts of statistical wizardry. Stay tuned.
Finally, thanks for comments as of late. I especially appreciate the hilarity from from the anonymous poster who commented on the Yasso 800s and on Matt Hillen/Rosie Ruiz. Feel free to check them out after my posts by clicking on comments. And if this picture doesn't make you laugh, nothing will. The guy in the suit on the right is a huge fan.

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yasso800 said...

This picture doesn't make me laugh, it makes me cry, just as Simmons's hair transplant made him cry after his hair fell out following a crash diet he went on at age 19 (this is an unbelievable, but true story).
Here's something that would make me laugh, however: get your hands on a pair of those candy-striped shorts that Richard is sporting in this photo and wear them during the race. Even funnier? A pair used by Richard. Funnier still? Autographed pair.
Anonymity is for pansies.